Bad Lunch Combination

Mountain Dew and Bananas… ick.

Its sort of my fault, well okay, completely, but I was starting to doze off in that afternoon lull, so I decided to get a soda… you know, the old coders and caffeine thing. I also decided a banana would go help perk me up too as it has lots of good stuff. A quick Google search shows that the good stuff includes Vitamin B to help calm the nervous system, and fibre to well.. “help”. Which means that they’re the idea fruit for programmers everywhere :-)

I would just advise against eating them together. One fizzes, the other is … sticky. Its really not a good combination, although the desired result has occurred as I’m now feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, if a little burpy, so back to it :-)

Incidentally why do they show all of the fibre supliment ads on TV at dinner time? The last thing I need to be thinking about when I’m eating is that it won’t come out the other end. Maybe the target demographic, which appears to be baby-boomers based on the ads, has already eaten by that time and is now watching TV while digesting, and so its appropriate? And why are they always so lame and show people rubbing their stomaches like they’re playing “Simon says” ?

And I love the celebrity endorsements for fibre suppliments … “I’m a celebrity, so you know this product works”. Really? Because what, you don’t walk around going “God I need to poop”? I always assumed being a celebrity stopped all of those kinds of basic needs that the rest of us have. You know, no tussled bed hair (unless you’re an incredibly cool guy), you don’t sweat, or smell, or need to use the bathroom. Knowing that they’re human too kinda breaks the fantasy a little.

Although I did discover the other day that celebs do sweat. I know because some news source without any important news to report was busily reporting on how Jennifer Lopez sweats, complete with pictures and, incase the pictures weren’t enough, zoomed in pictures with highlighting rings. FFS people we don’t care. These days I’d class J’Lo as considerably more worth while than the moron who took the pictures. Especially when they concluded the report by saying that they assumed it was like that because she’s training for some athletic event or other (to raise money for charity?). Lucky thing that. Had she just been, ye know .. “hot”, then they’d probably have been calling someone to ask if she was going to get her celeb status revoked for being normal. Honestly.

And yes, I realise that so far there’s been crap-all in the way of Perl postings. I’m getting to it.

Anyway, back to it… really.


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