I moved my Blog to perladmin.oreally.co.uk

I moved my blog to WordPress hosted on my own box. It can now be accessed via the URL http://perladmin.oreally.co.uk/

As for why? Well I’ve played with wordpress on and off for a while, but I never really liked the previous versions that much and had given up several revisions ago. I decided to try looking at it again this time around and really prefered the interface. I’m still not at all convinced about much of the rest of it, particularly it being written in PHP since I have issues with that on several levels, but it is what it is. I decided to try it on line via this site with wordpress.com.

Interestingly enough Google must love this place because for certain searches the site is coming up in first place. Which is surprising, if not troubling since its a new site and if I can do it, any spammer can. I’ve even had people start stealing the content already, and there’s barely anything here…

But what I didn’t like is that I couldn’t customize it the way I wanted to. My PHP is limited but I know enough to hack on the code a little and wanted to try doing that on WP 2.6.2 as I have on earlier versions. I also wanted to try a different theme than the half dozen offered, and even something as simple as changing the CSS couldn’t be done without a paid update. This seemed a little much to ask for something so relatively simple, so I decided to move it off to my own box.

I’m not sure how well it will work since my box is about 10 years old, but hopefully it will be upgraded soon, and I have other options if needed :-)

So come on over to the new site, see if you like it:




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