Google’s Chrome Web browser; A First Look

So I decided to try out Google’s new web browser, Google Chrome (“Chrome”)

… so far I’m not sure on my opinion. I was, I think, hoping to be blown away. I was hoping that it would be Safari in Firefox’s clothing, and frankly it isn’t. It is just “okay” which is a little disappointing from the company that gave us Google Maps, Google Earth, and lets face it a search engine which at its inception was unique in not being part of a portal.

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How WP Changed My Program

I was just playing with the widgets and I like that when you add them to the widget list that you can then edit them in situ. It is a really clean way of dealing with the extra info for a widget which I’m just incorporating into my company’s app (which I’m sure I’ll continually refer to as “my application” or “my app”) because we have something similar using drag-and-drop to indicate the active components. In my case though the extra info is prompted for later and its very long winded. Making the widgets editable in situ like this would make it much clearer.

My only issue with making this change is that this is still in embedded HTML not templates… so lots of code repeating :p

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Hello .. er .. World

So having unsuccessfully tried to operate a blog once before I’ve decided to try again.

When I started blogging a couple of years ago I found it to be extremely awkward to do. This is, in part, because I cannot stand those blogs where people post pointless and bland commentaries about nothing exciting, or indeed interesting. Its not that I don’t like blogs. Some blogs are very interesting – although I don’t follow any with any degree of regularity – as they let you see interesting perspectives.

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