Three DOA Dell Scorpio Blue Drives

I have a Win 7 laptop at home. It was originally a donation from the family and it is now used for IE testing and Skype’ing. The HDD died on it a week after the 3 year extended warranty ran out (of course!) so I contacted Dell to get a replacement.

I have to say that I will probably never buy a Scoripo Blue 320gb drive from Dell again after a really annoying experience where the first and then both replacement drives all turned up DOA.

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Liking the First CentOS 6 Server at $work

Installed first box at $work with CentOS 6 the other day and so far I like it.

I will say that the installer is no where near as slick as Ubuntu’s installer. I’m not really sure quite why it doesn’t feel as easy, but clearly someone at Canonical worked hard to make their installer slick, but still, CentOS 6 installed smoothly.

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Strong Growth in Perl Jobs market

According to eWeek the number of Perl jobs grew by 26% since 2009.

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Using cpanminus

If you haven’t already tried cpanminus (cpanm) then you definitely should do.

cpanm is a replacement/supplement for cpan that provides much less functionality and therefore faster and simpler.

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Perl’s Resurgence

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog.

I haven’t posted due to being busy with work and life, but it seems that I stopped trying to write about Perl at exactly the wrong time because in the past two years Perl has flourished again.

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