Perl’s Resurgence

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog.

I haven’t posted due to being busy with work and life, but it seems that I stopped trying to write about Perl at exactly the wrong time because in the past two years Perl has flourished again.

Almost like a play ground that has seen too much use and not enough love, over the years Perl had become slightly dusty and while people were always adding new modules to CPAN it no longer seemed to have the same sparkle as PHP, Python or Ruby.

At the time there was a stirring in the community, a few commentators who suggested that we, Perl developers all, stop hanging out in dingy backwaters of the internet (which IMHO means Perlmonks and IRC) and instead of just writing websites, start using them. Although I didn’t recognise it at the time that was when a little seeding of change was planted.

Over the past two years I’ve been ever more delighted to see those seeds slowly grow putting more information about Perl in the spot light. From those tiny seeds have come the green shoots of new blogs and frameworks.

There is the announcement of an updated release schedule for Perl 5 with their additional features. There are new frameworks (Dancer, Mojolicious, etc.) and blogs popping up all over the place. Perlbuzz is a perfect example.

There are even new books – and with the rise of self-publishing sites such as not all are from major publishers. The increasing numbers of  cell phones and tablets and e-book readers like Kindle and Nook provide a larger audience for such books as well as providing great access to Perl information on Youtube, Vimeo and slideshare.

Needless to say the revamp of looks great and for me it is a major step forward in presenting Perl well to new audiences. Padre, the Perl IDE, seems to be putting out updates all of the time.

And of course we shouldn’t forget that ActiveState just propelled Perl into the cloud through the launch of their Stackto cloud platform for Perl and Python.

All I can say is WOW!


[Note: This replaces an article I published Sept 17th which is the core for this, but which I felt was awkwardly worded]


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