Strong Growth in Perl Jobs market

According to eWeek the number of Perl jobs grew by 26% since 2009.

Their survey of the jobs index show a heartening trend for the Perl community and the software development sector as a whole.

“If an eWEEK survey of a jobs index is any indication, the action—and the jobs—are around Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, …”

The data is based on information from Simply Hired and it shows that many of the other software languages also increased the number of development positions. Only Fortran seems to have lost out in the development section and surprisingly COBOL jobs have picked up too. Great news for all of those COBOL developers who were suddenly turfed out of a job after the end of the last millennium.

The survey does not list whether or not the data is based on posts that were listed or positions that were filled. I would imagine the former. Similarly the article does not clarify if the positions were permanent or contract.

Certainly there do seem to be positions available though. Interestingly not all jobs are with dot-coms but from a broader sector. I was definitely surprised to see HSBC listed on Perl Jobs.

I would be curious to know how many of the advertised positions are for developers and how many are a “Jack of All Trades” position in which you are the sys admin and the programmer and you should know MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and often PHP, Java, etc. as well.

Still, it is good news.


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