Liking the First CentOS 6 Server at $work

Installed first box at $work with CentOS 6 the other day and so far I like it.

I will say that the installer is no where near as slick as Ubuntu’s installer. I’m not really sure quite why it doesn’t feel as easy, but clearly someone at Canonical worked hard to make their installer slick, but still, CentOS 6 installed smoothly.

I would just like to note too that with an SSD in the box the install is ridiculously fast and finally someone has gotten rid of my pet peeve with CentOS / Fedora (and presumably RHEL) for all of these years … CUPS is not installed by default.

The installation of CUPS as part of the LSB has always been a bane for me because I run servers and don’t want them to be able to print and therefore I don’t need CUPS and I don’t need the additional RPM’s that are its prerequisites. Most importantly of all I don’t need to waste valuable seconds during the start-up sequence starting CUPS nor waste any memory/CP resourcse on LKM’s like “lp” “parport” and “parport_pc”.

I have always just wanted the box to run only what it needs. There are already enough security nightmares with having customers on there, so I don’t need additional programs or LKM’s loaded to provide more potential intrusion vectors. It is just basic common sense.

It is nice to finally be able to install a server without being given a GUI or other nonsense that you didn’t ask for. I also like that one reboot later and I have all of the updates installed. Unlike Win 7, which I re-installed on a laptop at home a few weeks ago, which took 7 reboots :p

TIL: Apple wrote CUPS. I assumed it was a community thing.


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