Three DOA Dell Scorpio Blue Drives

I have a Win 7 laptop at home. It was originally a donation from the family and it is now used for IE testing and Skype’ing. The HDD died on it a week after the 3 year extended warranty ran out (of course!) so I contacted Dell to get a replacement.

I have to say that I will probably never buy a Scoripo Blue 320gb drive from Dell again after a really annoying experience where the first and then both replacement drives all turned up DOA.

I have no idea why all three arrived like this, but they would go into the machine and immediate issue the “Click of Death”. They were built in different months so it wasn’t a bad batch (unless it was a huge batch) so I can only assume it was a storage/delivery issue. I have to wonder what is happening with the drive though since the prices on these drives undercut the smaller capacity version of the same drive.

Most irritatingly I couldn’t find anyone else on the Dell forums or in general who had a problem with that drive so I could reassure myself that it wasn’t just me.

I finally caved and paid the extra for the Scorpio black drive. It is pretty much the same thing only 7200 RPM. I haven’t noticed the laptop running particularly faster, especially now that I’ve tasted SSD’s @ $work, but at least it works.


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