Dancer v2 is coming

Perl Dancer one of the crop of new Perl web-app frameworks, and one that is related in style to Ruby’s successful Sinatra framework, is announcing the development of Dancer 2.

Right now the code for Dancer 2 is reported to cover about 80% of the Dancer functionality. It has been completely rewritten so that it no longer uses any global variables in the core of the application. This is very good news as recent postings on the dancer mailing list have hinted that this may the cause for some random behaviour in Dancer.

In addition Sukria, Dancer’s founder, reports that the back end now is now completely OO through the use of Moo, the light weight clone of Moose.

Testing out Dancer 2 is easy. As noted in the Dancer 2 announcement, all that you need to do is to download Dancer 2 and then use that in preference to your default dancer libraries. E.g.:

$ git clone
$ perl -I../dancer2/lib bin/

Somethings to note are that the default template is now Template Toolkit, and Dancer now defaults to using the default TT brackets of [% and %] instead of <% and %> which come from Sinatra.

You can always switch them back in config.yml:

template: “template_toolkit”
encoding: ‘utf8’
start_tag: ‘<%’
end_tag: ‘%>’

So lets test our applications and see if we can catch all of the problems before launch. You can follow development over at Git Hub:


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