Its Stuff Like This, perlblogs

I feel pretty much useless sitting here on trying to add something to the Perl community and not getting any traffic. So I was seriously debating signing up on tonight. That didn’t work out too well…

I thought that on it would at least be seen by Perl people and even if everyone thought what I was writing was dumb, at least it would be seen and I might gain some ideas as to what is good/bad about my attempts to contribute back.

So I finally took the plunge and signed up. I filled out the form and I got this back in response:

To borrow a phrase from Reddit – it is sh*t like this… that is the reason why people think Perl old. We appear to have a universal dislike of UI.

In this case I filled out a very simple form and the error message I get back says

Text entered was wrong. Try again.

What in the world is that meant to mean?

Clearly something I entered isn’t right, but there are the issues with this level of blandness which we should all learn to avoid. I see the following issues;

Generic Message.

You know what test failed so tell me what it was. Don’t just say something went wrong. I can already work that out for myself. What I can’t fathom is what you don’t like.

Cute Quip.

“Try again” seems to simply rub it in. I want to sign up so of course I’m going to try again. You even gave me the form to try again with and so you are expecting me to do this too. Therefore you don’t need to pretend that you were programmed by a bratty 6 year old kid that asks you to guess what number s/he is thinking of. Seriously, drop the cute quips.

Highlight the Problem.

The entry form was redisplayed so why in the world won’t you indicate which field is broken?

Clearly the more appropriate messages is simply:

“[fieldname] is [invald reason]”

No quips are needed. No generic answer that doesn’t actually tell me what is wrong is needed. Just tell me what the problem is in what field. You don’t highlight the field, but it would be nice.


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