snmpd error on subcontainer ‘ia_addr’ insert (-1)

Found that the log files on two separate Centos 6.3 boxes where filling up with the error

error on subcontainer 'ia_addr' insert (-1)

This was being written with each connect. It seems that this is a harmless debugging message and the fix appears to be to change the OPTIONS setting in “/etc/sysconfig/snmpd” from


Which means log to syslog under the daemon facility, to


Which means log only LOG_INFO level messages and above to the syslog using the “daemon” facility.

This is annoying since I was using -Lf, but adding the “6” there for the log level causes net-snmpd to create the file as a socket instead of a regular file. It seems that there is no method to filter the debugging notices when logging to a file.

It is always these idiots with massive Data::Dumper struts ….


Just found this in the source for PPI:

175 if ( $self->{source_bytes} > 1048576 ) {
176 # Dammit! It’s ALWAYS the “Perl” modules larger than a
177 # meg that seems to blow up the Tokenizer/Lexer.
178 # Nobody actually writes real programs larger than a meg
179 # Perl::Tidy (the largest) is only 800k.
180 # It is always these idiots with massive Data::Dumper
181 # structs or huge RecDescent parser.
182 PPI::Exception::ParserRejection->throw(“File is too large”);


Yeah. It’s your fault! :-)

Not actually sure why trying to use Test::Perl::Critic::Progressive results in this since I don’t have any files that are that big, but it made me laugh when I discovered the source of the message.

Three DOA Dell Scorpio Blue Drives

I have a Win 7 laptop at home. It was originally a donation from the family and it is now used for IE testing and Skype’ing. The HDD died on it a week after the 3 year extended warranty ran out (of course!) so I contacted Dell to get a replacement.

I have to say that I will probably never buy a Scoripo Blue 320gb drive from Dell again after a really annoying experience where the first and then both replacement drives all turned up DOA.

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Google’s Chrome Web browser; A First Look

So I decided to try out Google’s new web browser, Google Chrome (“Chrome”)

… so far I’m not sure on my opinion. I was, I think, hoping to be blown away. I was hoping that it would be Safari in Firefox’s clothing, and frankly it isn’t. It is just “okay” which is a little disappointing from the company that gave us Google Maps, Google Earth, and lets face it a search engine which at its inception was unique in not being part of a portal.

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