Installing uglyfi-js and node on Ubuntu 12.10

The e-Classifieds ® Corporate edition uses lots of JavaScript code, so to help speed things up we compress the code. Previously this has been done using JavaScript::Minifier::XS from CPAN, but all the cool kids are using UglifyJS. So I thought I would see how it compared.

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Google Chrome; A second look

Following on from my previous post about Google Chrome, Googles WebKit based new browser I think I have some answers to my issues.

The first issue was that the background colours on my select lists were black. It turns out that this is due to the use of the CSS directive background-color: transparent;. Both this and background-color: inherit; appear to cause select elements to have a black background. I don’t see any obvious reason why I had this so I’ve removed it. I suspect that this might have been added for an IE fix – but if that’s the case its okay because I’m already using IE conditional comments to load IE only style sheets.

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